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2023 AWE asia

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Lita Co., Ltd. Participates in AWE Asia to target the Asian market with VR civilization experience 'Lost World'

Lita Co., Ltd. will participate in AWE Asia to target the Asian market with 'Lost World', a VR civilization experience content.

Rita's "Lost World" is an experiential content using VR to convey the scale and emotion of civilization that she has felt while participating in the production of a number of documentaries. In addition, photogrammetry technology was applied for vivid reproduction of complex relics, and the texture and scale were also produced in the same way as existing relics to maximize the sense of content immersion.

In particular, at this AWE Asia, the representative will present himself under the theme of "Experiencing Ancient Civilizations in the Metaverse" at 11:54 AM-11:59 AM on the 30th of the first day. In addition, the on-site booth will allow you to experience Lost World using actual HMD, and we expect investor meetings and business consultations with theme park operators to expand the Asian market at this exhibition.

CEO Rita Jung Seung-hee said, "We aim to build the world's largest civilization experience center by successfully attracting investment in the future through marketing in Southeast Asia such as AWE Asia and implementing all UNESCO World Heritage sites in virtual spaces. Global civilization is a global material that anyone can be interested in, and Lita will try to become a content company that people around the world can enjoy through this."


Lost World

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2023 AWE asia


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